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Imagine if offices managed to go out of style, and we could all live in the centre of cities and build primarily walkable cities. Decimate parking garages, and let people live in the buildings that used to be offices.
Then we probably wouldn't need cities at all. Urbanization happens mostly because of it.
I don't think that's true at all - I think offices are not the core of cities - markets are

Restaurants, transportation, entertainment, all of these are the lifeblood of cities. Having a common market amongst which people can gather is the goal. Placing giant buildings with no value other than being second homes you can type in artificially moves humans out of cities
Myself I have feeling that most people flock to cities for business, not pleasure.

Service industry and trade surely are the core of settlements but they don't need to scale into huge cities. Bigger cities usually even have multiple constellations of these, each serving their own district.

The work on the other hand is something people are willing to commute far or to move into another area. And more often than not it is denser, more urban area. If we remove this factor then I think eventually we end up with smaller, sparser cities, maybe urbanization trend will be reversed.

At least this is how I see it, maybe it is different out there.
If I could, I'd live in a city, but I don't like living in suburbs. If I can't bike or walk to several restaurants and gathering locations, I'm not happy. And I think there's lots of people like that.
I think medium-sized towns are the best - especially when they are not in the middle of nowhere themselves. Like you see in Europe. You have your center, a few malls and other venues here and there, nothing is too high, everything is there - and yet it is still manageable, walkable and quiet enough.

I think ~100-300K population is ideal size.
`My town is about 100K and attached to a town that's closer to 300K, and it's perfect - so I don't disagree
Ah, I see. Myself I spent all my life in larger cities so when I hear "city" I imagine something with seven digit population at least. I wonder what happens to these when/if new ways of working make offices obsolete.
Sure, I grew up in a place where we had to walk a klick just to see a neighbour and ended up in a place I like that let's me know people and also have the advantages of a giant city