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Ok - after some bashing I added Friendica notifications to my dwm topbar, I hope this means I can get properly notified
Test notifications.
Well that sucks
It's showing up in the list of notifications in /system/notifications but not in the api >.<
Wait - what - why am I only seeing notifications where seen=1 at!
Sound like a bug to me.
It's perfectly detailed, thanks!
Ok - good

I figured "I grabbed this endpoint" was either sarcastically little, or just enough
Yes, same here. Just tried this and I had one unread notification but API displayed only read ones. As soon as I clicked notification API started showing it.
Oh! Good! Glad to know that's happening! Might explain why I am not receiving any notifications otherwise
There are other endpoints available, e.g. api/statuses/replies but I am not sure how to discern unread ones easily.

Myself I have an idea to make a script to automatically dismiss (read) less important notifications so I don't miss mentions and direct replies.
The problem with Replies is that I can't get a simple count of novel items