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We need to stop publishing economic indicators.

Literally - during these events, the fact that no one leaves their house for a few months is going to change things. And then that will cause shit to be weird. Weird is weird, and we need to accept that.

Single indicators being weird for the duration doesn't mean things are destroyed. They are only really destroyed if we assume they are.
Also - if single indicators aren't being weird right now, then we're not containing the damn pandemic
I would like to see less pandemic indicators as well. They should be openly available and easily found - just not on every front page and news ticker.
I mostly want to see less single-point reporting, and more people talking about how systems interact
Yes, this would be most welcome by me as well.

But probably not very popular.
I wasn't following any front page or news ticker before so it doesn't bother me, so maybe this gripe isn't related to this crisis in particular?
No, of course it isn't specific to this crisis but just about any crisis.

Casualty counters, economic indicators, currency rates (these are likely not a thing in the US unless one is into investment). "It has gone worse by 12 more! Update - 16 more! Compared to yesterday it is 5 extra bad things!"

Most people have no idea how to interpret these figures or interest even but watching digits running creates distress.
Instead of currency rates we regularly have mass shooting casualties, pretty nerve-wracking too.
Yep, things like that.

I remember people freaking out over discovering 4chan (or was it some other *chan?) forums where posters made bets on future and ongoing mass shooting casualty counts.

While pretty sick and horrible it still wasn't a completely unexpected thing to happen given this fixation on watching numbers.
Yeah, some French business union (I know) leader said that French workers should make sacrifice (mostly in the form of lost paid time off) to bring growth back to where it should be in 2021...
This is pretty antihuman statement.

I can get "we have to prevent economic collapse" narrative (and even share it to some extent) but sacrifice for growth? Just shove your growth where the sun doesn't shine.
Unfortunately, in capitalist economic systems, investors' money is worth more than workers' lives.