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Most heroes are victims as well.
Even if by choice although usually there isn't much choice.
Oh yeah - the "We want to work" meme is also an expression of the ways in which we sacrifice people to capitalism

We need to protect the essential, and pay the inessential, otherwise there is no value in society
I like to think firefighters are the one noteworthy exception. It is a choice and the pay isn't great compared to the difficulty to actually make it, at least in France. It isn't a career you can use as a last resort if everything else fails like the military for example.

I could see nurses being in the same category, although I have less second-hand experience with the choice of becoming a nurse and the difficulty to make it.
Yes, firefighting is noble occupation. I think medical field is also one of them.

Still every time a heroic act happens I can't shake off the feeling that it had to happen because of someone's fuckup in the first place. When all goes well even firefighters normally don't have to risk their lives. When they do it is almost always because a smoke detector wasn't working, emergency exit got blocked, things like that. Even if they chose to be what they are - they are still forced to risk their lives when they shouldn't have.

I hear things are somewhat different in the US, Americans seem to cherish their firefighters and fire stats are also pretty good. And these fire trucks, all this red and chrome!
Especially in the US, medical is a little different. The upfront investment is colossal, but the financial reward is very significant for doctors (not sure about nurses, hence my inclination to include them in the "hero" category).

I also agree that we shouldn't need heroes. I loathe the constant dramatization happening in the US where preventable disasters become worthwhile opportunities for the American Spirit™ to shine through. I've started to like Germany more and more, where everything seems mostly boring but working, on top of a cultural support for strong privacy.