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Haha, great idea
This probably will result in shitstorm though. There are lots of bigotic prudes lately.
That is one way to make patients smile and feel a bit happier again :-)
Yes, I remember one moment from some interview and it was about a patient saying: "You all walk here looking like robots!" meaning everyone was alike clad in their protective equipment. Feeling human touch is important :)
Making fun for patients in public hospital? Horrible!
In private one they could be forced to do so...
I don't think it is about fun.

These suits are very uncomfortable to wear and she was working in the "red zone" where only infected and seriously ill patients and medical workers are allowed. Neither should care much.

Taking unsolicited pictures of her and posting them on the Internet is another matter.
I know. It is not. But I thought it was funny... maybe it is not.
I see. The Internet sometimes makes it harder to see a joke :)

By the way this incident seems to be passing without much consequences for her which is great. I was worried it could trigger witch-hunt.
Sure. I understand hard conditions she works, and probably even more hard psychological costs of such duty...
Yep, also the pay isn't that great.

I remember working for one company where they didn't pay employees much and didn't invest into better working conditions. Everyone was supposed to wear formal or casual business clothes at the office. One summer was particularly hot and air conditioning in the office failed. So people started coming to work wearing shorts, flip flops, short summer dresses.

At first bosses and HR tried to show their displeasure but everyone just lashed out with: "You don't pay us enough to have heat stroke here, either fix the conditioning or be glad people are coming here at all".

Something tells me this is similar situation :)
Oh man. You don't know how well I know such things from my life..