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@Kazimierz Kurz I'm sure you meant thea, who is known to be a Nazi and already got banned before.
Ow shit, that is my phone :-)

and then of course, there is the DRM-enabled park bench:

... because capitalism, right?
I bet it is hard to make this weather-proof. Also if these were real I would definitely vandalize one. There are very few things I would vandalize as I am against destruction of property but this would be it.
for what it's worth, I have never seen one of these monstrosities "in the wild". maybe it was an offbeat work of art. at least they are not in the public areas around central Texas.


Went for a run. It looked like it was about to rain but massive downpour already happened so I expected some drizzle at most.

It was cool evening and at first skies looked like they were about to clear. Little colorful boats pictured are "river trams" which seem to remain docked since last year.

About 10 minutes later it became dark and another round of storm was imminent. Then the skies opened up.

It was surreal run. I had Deux Ex soundtrack playing and it resonated with the scenery really well. Dark city around me, rain coming down hard and noise-canceling headphones silencing almost everything except the rain itself so occasional cars passing by created huge splashes - in eerie silence.

It was great.

# # #
SoC and all it's variants are deeply immersive and interesting. The backstory for the game is the NPP accident in '86. It's educational, eerie, weird, and FUN!

By the way, GSC Game World is a Ukrainian company. As a native Russian speaker, you'll appreciate the dialog in this game... and won't need the English subtitles. ;)
Yes, I heard it was made very atmospheric and in genuine way - which is rather rare thing for games set in (ex)USSR world :)
Actually, I give credit to this company and game for sparking my interest in Chernobyl. I had, of course, known about it since '86, but had not really investigated/studied the incident. Since discovering this game in 2006 or so, I've read every book and scientific paper on that event. It's an amazing story!


...scratches head...

Btw, been to Copenhagen once, a really nice city
I almost went there this year :)


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well, that is true -- the Soyuz, Proton rocket, and RD-180 rocket engine are all half-century old designs, with only a few minor improvements.

we have visited the NASA space center in Clear Lake, and looked at a real Mercury capsule with a burned-out heat shield, a mock-up of the Space Shuttle, and a large building where they assemble prototypes for future missions (none of them working). in a large building outside the museum, they have a Saturn 5 rocket lying on its side. even though they have an old one, Saturn 5 cannot easily be built now, nor can a Shuttle be built.

development in space travel is now being done by visionary oligarch Elon Musk. if he tires of it, it will probably stop. a few other projects are going on, but not many, and they are not doing very much. only a few military launches, to put spy satellites into orbit.
I think there isn't much interest for space exploration these days however there certainly is interest for commercial space launches which are mainly about delivering satellites to the orbit. Musk and others are primarily focusing on that.

Still what Musk does is pretty amazing in my opinion because it is something new and also he made general public interested in space again. Perhaps others will follow suit.


"Nextcloud is clunky and not up to enterprise standard, let's just buy Google Suite!"


"So how come we can't recover this document which was created on Google Sheets and was accidentally deleted about six months ago?"

SpreadShit sounds even more evil :)
Pretty accurate too :D

Woooooohooooooo go brother!!!!!! Immune yourself with that "happy virus" that boosts our IMMUNE SYSTEMS beyond all "fear agendas"...
Appreciating you @Alexander

HeartMath Science Independent research because mainstream won't go there or fund it... You may find interesting! I hope so anyway.... 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


- add more trackers to better see why the website is slow
- add more animations so people can stare at something while the page loads
- add splash screen so people spend extra two seconds to close it while the main page loads
- add animated background so people can stare at it while the rest loads
- ...a few small video previews in news column too!
- add dynamic content loading everywhere
- ...and infinite scrolling of course!
- check and nag to turn off adblockers as these things can break all of the above
- ban VPN/TOR access as they tend to slow things down
- check for older/exotic browsers and nag people to upgrade. C'mon, it is 21st century, everyone can just run Chrome on 3Ghz and 32GB RAM and stop complaining about website optimization.

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just decorative transition effect between a few “slides”
i would call that finite scrolling.

the real problems with infinite scrolling are threefold:
  • resource consumption -- ram used
  • time consumption -- you often spend far more time than you intended, this is fun sometimes but othertimes can be a drag on your schedule
  • lack of boundaries -- you try to go to the bottom of the page, it just serves you more crap
thankfully i just thought of way to deal with 3, which is the most irritating thing about infinite scrolling: switch to browser "offline mode" on the final load and then you can scroll to the bottom without it loading more. still, this hack should not be necessary.
@Alexander Right, I forgot about web chats, probably because I don't practice them much :)
@boycottallsoftware Easy hack and good advice, thx!


Till now I have only heard about the 1983 incident when Stanislav Petrov saved the world.
Yep, there was quite a number of similar events. Perhaps the list keeps growing to this day as these incidents tend to become public much later.

I especially "like" the 9 November 1979 one where false alarm was sounded for all-out massive nuclear strike from USSR.

List of nuclear close calls - Wikipedia


A while ago I pranked my boss by unplugging his speakers from the computer and connecting them to my USB-stick MP3 player instead. Then I just dropped it behind his computer case.

When he came back and noticed music not matching what he saw in Winamp he was puzzled. He started looking for suspicious processes. He ended up rebooting his PC. When it didn't help he rebooted it again and started examining BIOS settings.

Good days :)


«Summer of a twentieth year» from the series «Made in quarantine», 2020. Ivan Razumov

# #
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You are not alone :))


Installed # Mint to see what it was all about. My impressions so far.

1st day: Wow! So many features built-in and they work out of the box! It is just like Windows!

2d day: Not everything works actually but it can be fixed intuitively...or not. Some things seem to be too hard to fix, it is better to get used to them. Just like in Windows.

3rd day: But I already have #.


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Who? Microsoft? When they update things they have to stop services. It is exactly how it was in dos. Of course you can live with it.
The point is that it is very week design, and lack of technology. Even in 70ties most systems have more advanced design state.
But if you like it, it's ok.
However I will never propose it to anyone especially when doing business stuf.
I don't particularly like it however I have to admit it get things done in their niches so they hold their market share for a reason.


On June 18 Russian government unblocked access to Telegram. The graph shows the drop of number of IP addresses being blocked by the censorship system. Yes, these numbers are six digit ones.

I would like to proclaim little victory but I don't feel like I should. The censorship system is still in place and they honed their skills during Telegram witch hunt and more importantly they gained public acceptance. Telegram surely will get a lot of publicity out of it and there will be surge in users. I still don't see it a trustworthy option though. Yes. I use it for certain purposes (like writing this post) but I wouldn't rely on it for anything even remotely sensitive.

# # # # # #

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> I use it for certain purposes (like writing this post)

Do you post to Fedi... from Telegram? 🤔
@lostinlight - when I switched to Friendica, I found the API and created a simple bot for writing posts on the go because using web interface is super-inconvenient and apps like Fedilab are rather clunky in my opinion.

Right now it is very simple, Friendica-specific and private - because I haven't figured out a good and secure way to add authentication yet :)


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it is so cool to see Moscow, I will never get there and I really appreciate your pictures! I am glad you had a good run.
In my opinion this is one of the greatest things about the Internet - to see glimpses from far away places.
@Alexander yes I marvel and love the world the internet has opened to me just google my address and you can see my house getting here is a n ordeal on the ground but fast in cyber world!


# doesn't have much problem with homeless but apparently someone up in the city government saw the hostile architecture concept and found it to be great idea.

More and more of this crap keeps emerging everywhere. Personally I despise it.

# #
I read he didn't change much from the previous Jewish mayor, and left most of that guy's people in place.
Yep, even if there are some changes It all comes from the same source anyway. It is not like they would let anyone choose Moscow mayor.


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and totally non politically correct: black matter lives :)
really, when it comes to arson and robber of cafe and shops, to destroying monuments and different cultural objects it's not about social inequality, it's about the upbringing and self-control. it's the difference between human and something else.
Wonderfully said... thanks! 🕊


# season is almost over. Few people take me seriously when I say dandelions are my favorite flowers.

Dandelions are uncomplicated. They are bright and cheerful and at some point of spring they just pop out everywhere no matter what.

For some years now Moscow considers them weeds and puts quite some effort into cutting them down before they give seeds. So far dandelions are unimpressed.

# # #
In Dutch they are called "Paardenbloem" wich translates as Horseflower...
Because horses like them? :)
@Alexander In German they're called Löwenzahn (lion tooth) and there was a kids TV show going by that name.

Löwenzahn - Peter Lustig - Titelmelodie


Went out on my bike. It was a while I did any pleasure riding. When I got on quiet park road I started hearing weird squeaks.

Without stopping I started to investigate. Is it happening when I pedal? What if I change gears? How about applying brakes? What if I stand from the saddle? I couldn't figure it. My last suspect was rear hub.

Then I got it. Birds were singing.

# # # #
yes what is that weird sound??? oy it is birds! I have bird that sound like my cell phone alarm


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