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Yes, I don't like them much either. Especially this particular complex.

I think they look fine when placed sparsely in large cities so they act like focal points. I wouldn't want to live or work in one though :)
this particular complex is especially terribly looking. when the approach is 'what we can build' but not 'how it will look in the existing landscape' such monstrous buildings appear and ruin city sights.

Think of this. Before artists relied on recording industry to distribute. They literally had no choice - sure, there were some smaller independent labels or some bands had their own but it was more like exception. Capitalism made it impossible to go on without some of them turning into corporations crushing all competition. There was demand for mass production so supply had to come.

For the last decade or so it is the first time in history when artists no longer need labels for distribution. There is no more need to make physical copies of records and even recordings themselves can be made with considerably less effort and expense.

While corporations still have more means to maximize profits - it is possible to earn without them as well. Maybe this explains increasingly louder screeching of copyright industry we see these years. It was questionable symbiosis before and now it is clear parasitism. The parasite doesn't want to die.
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Also while farmers shouldn't handle distribution and retail themselves I can't say the modern centralized distribution system does them much favor.

However this is a different issue.
this is the same issue. division of labor in developed society.
It is not about division of labor. It is about monopolizing distribution.

It is pretty bad in modern retail.
but there're no monopolizing at all. there're thousands of musical recording and distributing companies, smaller or bigger. from the ones sitting in basements to gross studios with multiple halls for records.
I think now a days the music needs to be heard by people who would want to buy it. I believe mail order from a groups website is best. Abney Park which is steampunk is speaicized music but I like it very much albums(CDs ) and downloads are reasonable and can be made on demand and slipped into a special envelop and mailed off , And selling them at concerts in the future is a good thing...Here we have farmers markets when the farmer comes to a predetermined area and people go there to buy direct. Used to go to one in California the city was about 50K population and the small growers did very well no one became a millionaire but made a living...the biggest problem is making a living. ....not becoming a millionaire.

At the top of that precarious stack was, as with similar proposals in the United States, client-side scanning. ... Unalterable computer code that runs on your own device, comparing in real-time the contents of your messages to an unauditable ban-list, stands directly opposed to the privacy assurances that the term “end-to-end encryption” is understood to convey. It’s the same approach used by China to keep track of political conversations on services like WeChat, and has no place in a tool that claims to keep conversations private.

It’s also a drastically invasive step by any government that wishes to mandate it. For the first time outside authoritarian regimes, Europe would be declaring which Internet communication programs are lawful, and which are not.
Orders from the Top: The #’s Timetable for Dismantling #-to-End #

The last few months have seen a steady stream of proposals, encouraged by the advocacy of the # and Department of Justice, to provide “lawful access” to end-to-end encrypted services in the #.
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Yet another man gets sentenced for five years of prison for three comments he made on social media. There is at least dozen more people who got sentenced to prison or massive fines for wrong kind of commentary on this single event.

This is all you need to know about freedom of speech or justice in # of today.

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Well, at least you get jailed only for minor things; over here in the US, they simply make up false stories about you -- the intelligence establishment did this by inventing a "colluding with the Russian government" hoax against the very President of the United States in order to coup d'etat him out of office. THAT is scary shit, I tell ya!
While I find it pretty fucked up bullshit as well (not that I particularly like Trump but I get how he got in the office and who his voters are) it is actually a sign of certain political diversity.

Here we also have similar things happening, just not to the government (of course not).

If someone is being too much pain in the butt but there is nothing to get them rolled into the ground for - there is a law for this situation too. They can be simply declared "unwanted organization" which causes termination of all official activity (and breaking more laws if they refuse). Basically same shit except it leads to prosecution, not just debates and probes.
But these coup plotters were unelected officials, that's not diversity. They intended to take control of the US government by force, not by vote.

What I find so weird about this Iron Bug guy, is that the does not understand that Russian opposition is controlled by that same western establishment that tried to coup against President Trump. If Putin were truly such a dangerous person, he wouldn't "novichok" opposition politicians, he would control them, because Putin is that smart & cunning. The only reason he does not control the opposition is because someone else is, someone beyond Putin's reach.

Also, all these "novichok" fables are such unbelievable nonsense: nobody ever dies from these alleged poisonings; the entire week-long "suffering" in hospitals is just getting them popularity; and western governments always seem to know ahead of time that someone was "poisoned". If Putin wanted someone really gone, there are much easier, much quicker, much more reliable methods than "poisoning with a Russian-sounding poison" -- a shot to the head, thrown from high places, drug overdose, ... . Seriously, you'd have to be utterly stupid to believe this novichok nonsense.

Nostalgia... I had this one too :)

The article keeps talking about "more modern file transfer protocols" but to be honest I am not sure which ones. Sure - rsync and git are fine for server management and development and BitTorrent and such are great for publishing. However FTP shined in its own niche of providing structured catalog of information which could be easily navigated and manipulated. I am not aware of any better modern alternatives to this - especially when we are talking public access. SFTP - sure, it exists but I almost never see it used for guest access. While it could be used like that - it just doesn't.

To be honest I think it is not FTP that gets obsolete, it is just companies no longer want to provide this kind of service - just letting users freely browse file structure of their archives. Same happens with direct HTTP links. You are not supposed to just download stuff you want anymore. Here, have a cookie first, solve a captcha, confirm your email, pass fraud detection, look at our offers. Then maybe we let you.
I didn't realize FTP went back to before most internet protocols, except telnet. At 50 years old it is on the retirement block for new technology but what a run! #

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it's weird to pay for that shit full of backdoors and spying code. I just operate with common logic, nothing like ideals.
Yes, it gets even weirder with SaS. With old school proprietary software at least you get something. With SaS it is the same except they can turn it off at any moment.

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Looks like yesterday was the last day of golden autumn. We have had two weeks of unusually warm and sunny weather but everything comes to an end. Today was gray and rainy and for the first time in this season I saw my breath vapor.

Winter is coming.
# of #
nice composition.

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It is morning. I am in subway and the car is mostly empty. I just disembarked overnight train and am on my way home. There is a young woman sitting in front of me. Looks like she had early morning too. She is in that dull sleepy state when all you want is to get home and hit the bed. Her large suitcase suggests she also is returning from overnight trip. She stares into space trying not to fall asleep.

Call from work comes. Apparently someone lost some data and they need backups. I am not the only one who can do this but they need it fast. Since I have my laptop with me I decide to help. I take it out, connect and do what needs to be done while connection drops about every 15 seconds.

Then I feel like someone is looking at me. I lift my eyes from the screen and see that woman. She is looking in my direction and she is shining. We make eye contact and she turns her gaze away yet her smile stays on.

I am confused. Certainly it is not me. I am not that charming. Not in these circumstances anyway. Then I get it. My laptop lid. And huge cat sticker on it. It can have this effect on people.

# # from #
Nice story! The girl probably knew that instant you're from the internets. 🙂
It's all about controlling your own blood flow. ommmm

I don't think it is about practical needs but more about power. Just think - what do you have these days that governments have no power over? Practically nothing. Your property can be taken away or destroyed under certain circumstances. Guns? Guns matter only until bigger gun comes. Bank accounts can be taken over and so is your business.

Sure, it doesn't happen until you break the law but you get the idea.

Encryption however now is available to everyone. It doesn't do much but can make a piece of information yours. Just that. And if used correctly it can't be broken - at least not right here and now. It is a bit of superpower. Governments all around the world don't want their citizens to have superpowers, no matter how harmless they are.

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@Christoph S:
Yeah. And they don't understand encryption. That backdoors are available for everyone.
And there are already many ways to seize devices etc when there is a suspicion.

Of course. Also there will be harder ciphers without backdoors developed by enthusiasts and governments themselves - I somehow doubt the military or even banking industry will want to use backdoored algorithms. So people who really have something to hide will just use these.

If this proposition becomes reality then we all just end up with less security in our everyday affairs and not a bit more of safety.

We have really nice weather in Moscow. Just about everything else isn't nice but the weather is.

It is warm and clear with a little touch of fog. Occasional rains happen but not too much. It is perfect autumn. I try to spend more time outside while it lasts.

# #
I've been there twelve days in 1985. One of the nicest cities I knew. (despite the political environment, just like today but with different flags).
It is a nice place to visit in the right season :)

It probably was even better in 1985 - perhaps less fancy but it had more space and style. They rebuilt a lot since then - something got demolished, something got renovated (or "renovated") and parts of it now remind be Istanbul - everything is mixed together in chaotic fashion without much regard to history.
What a pity. The risks of some more freedom.

# ❤ retrocomputing

... the driver is on Hollerith cards, written in EBCDIC.


Many today seem to misunderstand what # is. The idea of democracy is to allow all voices to be heard to fuel constant collective discourse and evolution of opinions for common good. It is not unlike science where also nothing is absolute and forever right or unquestionably wrong - there is ongoing work on proving and disproving theories and current consensus on them.

If you think democracy is all about the loudest voice being heard and obeyed - it is not democracy but mob rule. If you want to eradicate wrong opinions - not to disprove them or convince people not to follow them but to shut them up - I have even worse news for you.

The idea of democracy is not about to "win" an argument. It is about making sure the discussion keeps going.

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like I said, some of them go back further than that -- to when we were worms, or so. Neanderthals are essentially modern humans.

they have found these viral fragments in every life form that has been sequenced. plants, fungi, yeast ---- the evolutionary arms race with viruses has been going on ever since there was life.
And not only to make sure caretakers can cope. If we can keep it low we will have more time to create medicines that will make it bare-able too.

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Leningradski railway station in Moscow now has mosaic featuring train passengers wearing masks.

Ебанулись на отличненько :)


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Depends on who's looking at it. I see no masks. But some cyborg-ish style. Looks pretty modern.
Maybe. I think it can be seen quite clearly (compared to other faces) but who knows.

@Koakuma - railways take important place in our lives for quite some time. It is very popular long-distance mode of transportation for last couple of centuries. Having railroad somewhere is often synonymous with civilization :) I think major stations' appearance reflects this.

Also our railroad monopolist is quite rich so they can afford keeping this up.
How come Russian train stations are so posh :blobcathearteyes:

# it is not like you dig into certain topics or talk about something publicly and they jail you for it. But it just happens that all these inconvenient people turn out to be filthy criminals and get jailed for something else.

You don't want to be like them, right.
● NEWS ● # # ☞ Russian historian who uncovered # 's # has sentence increased by a decade

Apparently I underestimate value of my blog here because someone just reached out to me with offer for sponsored posts.

Also now I know my new mail server works.
They wrote to my Friendica ID using normal email :) Maybe saw it on the profile page and mistook it for mail address.

And it just happens that I have mail server listening on this domain too :)
Ah! I used to dream about Fedi networks actually implementing email (so that friends outside Fedi could write to my Fedi address) as a temporary feature, to prompt people to drop email and adopt Fediverse. But no one wants to have more spam in Fedi. ;(
How do you think it should work? I think making a bridge which will receive mail and convert it to direct messages and vice versa is relatively easy but I am not sure about practical use case.

Myself I think it would be cool to have unified IDs: you give someone your ID "user@domain.tld" and they can use it to add you on social network, they can send mail to it or they can chat with you using DeltaChat or XMPP.

But I am not sure it is a good idea to make some universal monolithic software for these services. Why not use existing dedicated solutions? They can share ID but use it for their different purposes.
Friendica has an email connector so if you have a mail server on the same domain as your Friendica node it would work as you described.
I don't want to have a mail server, that's the point :) I agree the only answer to "how to avoid big email providers" is "host your own", but in this case I'd prefer to avoid email at all 😓 @alex The reason I'd like to have it is because email will never be decentralized enough - 95% of friends will always use one of 10 big providers. Email UI is a cozy thread and file attachment. A couple Fedi networks have this functionality, and Fedi is already much better decentralized 1/3
A more practical reason: email is a "basic need": banks and companies ask for it, they send you documents and medical test results there. Friends ask for it as "the last resort" when you say you don't have WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook. If I could use Fedi only as a one-way (incoming) receiver, it would cover 50% of "email needs". If, however, it were two-way, we could promote it "like email, but BETTER". The goal is not to support email forever. The goal is to try and replace it 2/3
I appreciate KISS philosophy but I also appreciate services that save time. Telegram quickly became not only a messenger (chat for friends), but also a source of news, promotional channel for business and a social network (with limited func). Email is a thread conversation + attachments, XMPP / DeltaChat are enrypted chats. In theory, we can have all this in a Fedi network, based on a similar federated architecture. Not "universal" - just a viable option for these essential use cases 3/3.
don't see reasons for 'replacing' email. email is the best communication method ever and still. and social networks are just joke, not anything serious.
Best thing about email is its non-instant nature. No one expects you to answer this very second. But I can't agree it's the best method (just as I don't think IRC, for example, is still better than all newer chats). Jokes are certainly a huge part of anything social! But thousands of businesses are now based on top of social networks. And nations are sanctioned because "political influence". So I don't think it's only about jokes. They can be a convenient communication method as well.
I said "a mail server on the same domain", not "a mail server you host". 😉
True, yet then someone else has to host it (and friends don't let friends... ;) It's like diaspora and Camo - yes, they provide a solution for caching images, but how many podmins install this additional piece? Definitely not all of them. Much better with Friendica that has it by default :p Better for users, I mean.
I still don't get how you see the better federated email alternative working :) I mean how it should be better than conventional email? What functions should it have?

I can't quite agree about email not being decentralized - it is probably the most decentralized Internet service ever! Yes, people tend to flock to giants but it is mostly matter of convenience, not necessity. One can very very easily get their email needs served by smaller provider - there still are many of these. Also if someone wants "their own" email they don't necessarily have to host their server - they just need their domain. Then they can use it with their own server or use some paid service to serve email for it (and it is cheap too), there are some free services as well.

I don't really see the problem with it. It is just hard to meet high expectations many people have - but it is the same case with Facebook which is far superior feature wise to FOSS alternatives.

I think this is why few enthusiasts host free and open mail servers - there is just not much demand for legitimate use.
email is not decentralized and this allows to fight spam effectively.
How it is not decentralized? All servers are absolutely independent.

Some aux services like RBL are centralized but not necessary for operation. I used to run server at work which wasn't using any centralized antispam, all checks were local (reverse DNS, SPF, some filtering, Bayes...). It did let some spam through but it was not horrible at all.
such servers are less than 1%, I think. the most mail comes from big services like yahoo and google.
But it doesn't have to be like this and it wasn't like this not very long ago.

And I wonder how many people have paid email these days (which is not Google). It also was a thing - and not a bad thing in my opinion for those who want reliable service but can't build and support it themselves.
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Google makes money on corporate emails. the most companies don't run their own servers but use Google (or other big services) instead. so, many mail domains actually point to Google servers.
These are mostly small businesses. Their G-Suite is real pain to use when you have more than just a few users and typical business needs.

And again there's nothing too great about that.
I knew big companies that used Gmail and it was ok. there's nothing more needed than 'typical business needs'. moreover, Google offers not just mail but also documents online and shit. so it's basically the easiest way to maintain a remote office suite for the most companies.
Yes, I know. Familiar even.

It sucks ass :)

I mean I get why small businesses use it but even for something middle-sized it has more limitations than advantages. Also it can be quite costly with all these subscription fees adding up. Having a couple of small servers (which can be VPS) and part-time sysadmin isn't really that much expensive.

Saying that company has to be IT related to have their own server is like saying company has to be energy related to have their own electricity outlets :)
and don't forget that the most companies are NOT IT-related and they don't keep their own servers and admins.
I agree with @iron_bug Maybe in *your* universe email is decentralized de facto. But in mine, even tech-savvy people use Gmail, Yandex, Mail. If they switched to Protonmail or similar provider, that's still "top 10". Add several paid options, and we might have top-30. In Fediverse there're currently 5+k servers! Email is already less popular: big social network Direct Messages and messengers saw to that: they allow exchanging information and files. That's what email is pretty much about ;)
To me what matters is interoperability. If you have your own domain it isn't too important what service you use. You can relatively seamlessly change it and still communicate using same addresses, nothing will change for your contacts.

In this regard email is much more decentralized than Fedi - you can't do the same here. You can't have "" at Diaspora and then switch to Pleroma and expect your contacts to work as usual.

If you don't have your own domain it is pretty much the same except with email you have no penalty at all using unpopular service.

On Fediverse people also tend to flock to largest instances. It is hard to do anything about that. If, say, Google decides to run Mastodon and they make super-fast, free and feature-rich instance, people will come to it in great numbers. And you'll have exactly the same problem.
"To me what matters is interoperability"... I've never migrated from 1 email provider to another one, saving all previous messages in the interface and easily syncing contacts to the new provider. Can this be done easily? When I changed emails, I faced a new empty inbox. That doesn't differ much from what we have now in Fedi? In Fedi it's actually better within some networks. diaspora isn't a decent example, of all the AP Fedi you chose the only one that doesn't support AP ;)
Main problem with federated networks is their poor interoperability in general. Even if you own your domain you can't really migrate. Different networks are only partially compatible and what is worse - every one doesn't want to be interoperable with everyone else but prefers to go their own way instead. Even in AP world only the most basic things are universally federated. Things like polls, post/comment editing, attachments - not so much.

So I don't think how they are going to replace messaging (instant or not) any time soon - their focus is simply not there.

And to be honest I don't think they should :) To me federated networks are fine for what they do - they are widely socially interconnnected web applications and that's about it so far.
there is nothing great about ggl/amzn monopolizing e-mail
It simply sucks. It already creates problems.

Once Yahoo banned my entire IP range for some unknown reason and they refused to explain or let us appeal it.

We ended up moving our mail servers to another subnet.
first check your IP range in public blacklists and solve the problem with them. usually big mail providers just take the info from there.
if you use some dynamic pool there may be a problem because dynamic pools are used for spam. it must be normal static IP.
It wasn't in any of public blacklists, it was normal static IP range we owned for a couple of years and I am absolutely sure no spam or other malicious traffic came from it during this time.

It was only Yahoo (both their public service and commercial custom domain service) that banned it.

It probably was banned before we owned it and we noticed only two years later. Still I was unable to get any information from them why they blocked it and how to appeal.

Also I wasn't alone and found some people all over the world who were in the same situation. For some it took as much as six months to get unblocked, some couldn't do it at all.

Sadly I couldn't just move on so we had to migrate mail infrastructure to completely different subnet.

Just a random snap from my bike. This is Sportivnaya subway station in Moscow.

Yes, the electric scooter abomination is now with us as well.
# #
The building is ugly. Even worse than the scooters! :o
Yeah, I remember your dislike for Borg cubes :)
I'm a mathematician and playboy, I like curves, not Minecraft. xD

Something like that, yes.
Our society slowly dumbing down to this shit
I think we are on the borderline for survival in the numbers we are now....we are in decadence now and the dark ages are to come
Yes, more power we gain, more people we bring into this world, more costly our mistakes become.

At some point one might be fatal.

Most of people don't even know about it but it mattered. It was laying foundation for a lot of nice things we now take for granted.

happy original software freedom day!
on this day, 37 years ago, Richard Stallman launched the Free Software Movement, and the GNU Project, to build a user-freedom-respecting operating system, so that all users could do their computing in freedom

# # #
Funny, I was thinking about this yesterday without knowing about this anniversary. It's a pretty big deal.

it's a very old principle, I remember I read something similar in Bhagavad Gita (it's a old scripture in Sanskrit, written about 200 BC). there Krishna and Arjuna stand on a battle field and Krishna says something like this: why are you afraid of death, Arjuna? there's no reason for fear: while you exist, there's no death, and when death comes there's no you anymore.
Krishna: "Why are you afraid of Death, Arjuna?"

Arjuna: "Because I dated her once, but when I mentioned she got a little too fat, she went mad, grabbed a Scythe and hunted me ever since!"

Krishna: "..."

Deleted my # today. I wasn't using it much but it was pretty old. A week ago I asked for API key so I could integrate it to my # and filled out detailed application form. Apparently they didn't like the idea.

They rejected mine without possibility to appeal.

What did you write in the application by the way?
@Alexander I wrote what it want to for, mostly in the first field of the application. Then realized there is more fields in that form and then just repeated all again and again. I made sure to explain that I do not want to take data from Twitter to my Friendica, even though it can, but send posts to Twitter as I already did for years. (I just remove the Twitter access by fault and wanted to get it back)

"When it happens - and it will one day - you'll want to come say goodbye. Don't. They will know about you by then. So don't be there, promise?"

Janette came anyway. She was standing in small crowd looking at the fresh grave and felt like she made a mistake.

"This is definitely her" - someone quietly said behind her back. She took out her phone and screen reflection caught two tall men in suits approaching. Now they were standing right next to her. A police car stopped in the distance. Any moment now.


The men pushed her away and darted towards trees on the other side. Loud shriek followed as they grabbed a woman standing there and knocked her on the ground. Her umbrella rolled. A van appeared out of nowhere plowing right through bushes, its door opened and closed with a loud bang and then everyone was gone. The patrol car disappeared too.

Shaken up people started to disperse and Janette left with them.

He always cared about her.


Having returned from a little vacation (thus my absence - it was vacation from social media too) I find these flights to nowhere super weird. Really what can sane person miss about flights? You get crammed into crowded pressurized tube, experience sickening acceleration and pressure changes and canned air, nothing tastes right in your mouth, engine noise is deafening (or at least very present) and you spend hours like this. Unless you sit at window you can't see shit outside and even next to window views arent that great. Now having to wear masks is extra bonus. And to get you in the right mood right from the start they also make you spend some time in crowded lobby and then treat you like terrorist prisoner just to let you embark the flying can.

The only good thing about flying is actually getting somewhere. Everything else is complete nightmare, even with better "packages".

People are strange.

People are so fucking stupid!

I really think we deserve to go extinct. Humans are just too freaking stupid!

who gives a shit about global warming or climate catastrope we are facing

Flight to nowhere
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They could as well be in a simulator. A seat in a metal container with low air pressure, deafening noise, and vibration.
Great idea by the way! I think if done right it can bring in a lot of money.

Interesting concept. Imagine these buses electric. Maybe even hybrid trolleybuses drawing power from wires on the track and using batteries off the track.

The O-Bahn Busway – Obscure Transit For The Masses


# # # # # # #
posted by pod_feeder_v2
The O-Bahn Busway – Obscure Transit For The Masses

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I think electric mass transit on dedicated lines is the only working decision for big cities.
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Yes, indeed. Initial investments and maintenance costs are huge. It has to be justified by passenger flow.


Given how dirty winter season is this will make even more sense soon.

that is really the way I think of it --
* June, July, August -- summer
* September, October, November -- autumn
* December, January, February -- winter
* March, April, May -- spring

(even though I live in a warm climate now, where snow is quite rare)
Also I keep forgetting seasons are different all around the globe :) Even though I traveled and experienced jump from winter to summer firsthand I still can't quite wrap my head around it. I understand it in terms of logic but every now and then it slips my mind.

One thing I really don't get about open social networks is "defederation" craze (on Diaspora it is more known as "shadowbanning") which is when one server blocks communication with another one.

I can get it when it happens as the last resort measure against spam attacks or other malicious interference but why on Earth any user would want it otherwise?

Would someone want cars hardwired not to drive to certain areas at all? Music players with censorship built-in blocking certain types of sounds from being played? E-mail which refuses to deliver messages to certain addresses?

There is damn blocklist (some platforms also have mute and ignore), use these as you like and stop your spreading your # bullshit. It is plain harmful for the network.
The idea behind these is each node can control what content it wants but NOBODY controls content across the entire network.
There's a lot of really passive-aggressive "woke" types lurking on the #. They're terrible people. Let them set up their ghettos so the rest of us can talk in peace.

I kept misplacing my phone at home. Then I spent a lot of time looking for it.

Recently my cats discovered how my phone liked to warm up for no reason depleting battery in the process.

Now when I misplace my phone I find it much faster. It is under one of the cats.

every time I think something like this, about 'not spoiling' home pets, I ask myself: would I agree to renounce a wish to get something for myself. before going to eat I get sure the reptiles are fed. this helps to make the right decisions :)
Yes, I try not to spoil myself too much as well :)

But I feed everyone before myself as well. It just feels right :)

I also checked out video feeds and it looked like they did have a lot of people out there. Some arrests were made - very gentle arrests compared to what we see here or in the US.

Curiously BBC article sounds like the protest was over by the time it was published. However according to the video feeds the protest is still going on, one hour later.

Germany announced a minimum €50 fine for people caught not wearing face masks where it is compulsory. This probably was the push that triggered this.

Every article covering the protest in Berlin seems to mention "alt-right present among the protesters". I am not sure how relevant it is. It doesn't seem to be alt-right event and alt-right are seen at many events because they either want to piggyback on publicity or also support the idea - which doesn't say anything about the idea itself.


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The alt right plays a relevant role in this context. Several right wing parties like AFD or NPD and also facebook groups of those people, they promoted this.
But was the event itself promoting alt-right ideas or serving certain purpose or they just endorsed it?

For example when we had series of Internet censorship protests in Moscow our alt-right also promoted these demonstrations and they came to them as well. So did the left, liberals and many other groups - simply because it was affecting everyone so everyone supported the protests. It didn't make the events themselves pro-nazi or pro-left.

# we have # Expo 2020. Here's some of the latest in our weaponry:

Military priests! These are variants of proposed uniform.

Here's a live one. The T-shirt on the table says "Warrior of Christ".

Some accessories. Note that candles are not traditionally yellow but in camo.

These developments seem only logical as mobile churches were developed somewhere in 2011. Now we need battle priests.

Warhammer intensifies!

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