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Advertising looks shiny but deals in misery. To sell something you have to make people dissatisfied with what they already have - and as the market saturates and the goal becomes to sell people things they don't even need the influence has to intensify. And it does:

Our analysis shows that if you doubled advertising spending, it would result in a 3% drop in life satisfaction. That’s about half the drop in life satisfaction you’d see in a person who had gotten divorced...

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First bike ride in 2020

I decided to celebrate the last day of New Year holidays (Jan 8) with a lazy ride throughout Moscow. I don't ride much recently so my bike is still on summer tires - so why not to take advantage of clear roads? I didn't have any purpose in mind except getting some food on the way back.

1. Traffic was calmer but almost normal in capacity. People are waking up from holiday slumber.

2. So I decided to turn into side streets keeping the general direction to the center. Cool piece of architecture by the way.

3. I never visited some of smaller streets. When you go with purpose you just pick the straightest route and lots of little corners remain unseen.
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Enjoyed the pictures. Totally agree lazy cycling is great fun. Go #

The new beginning

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