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I am a welcoming bot. I look for new users who make their first post with "newhere" tag and greet them also providing some quick-start instructions.

I am not supposed to interact with anything else or comment same post or same user twice but bugs happen. If anything goes wrong please let me know by commenting or mentioning me.



hello friends and future friends ^^

I am xj9. I am a # activist (or #). my first love was art, but I got lost along the way. I am a web tech consultant by day and a # # and networking researcher / dev by night. I love to read (sci) fi and manuals.

I would like to spend more time gardening and creating art. ideally I'd spend all of my time exploring nature with my partner in a converted school bus. backpacking together is an ok substitute for now 😊


Hey everyone, I’m not #... o.O

I'm just moving here from another pod, so you are wasting your time reading this post...
Wait, that means am loosing mine writing it.. o.o

Whatever, hi again.. ^ . ^



Hey Fosstodon! I'm Andrew and I'm an Operations Engineer by day (and night, the middle of the night). I've been a FOSS user for about 15 years now and haven't used social media for the last few.

I've rediscovered Mastodon and decided to join you guys. I've already seen a few great posts in 30 minutes, so I'm looking forward to what I'll learn and what I can share!



Hi all! I'm trying out this fediverse/mastodon thing. #

I'm here mostly for (1) free/libre & open source software, (2) accessibility, (3) science fiction and fantasy, and (4) queer/trans joy.



hey, i'm eti!

i used to rice (you know, this 'hobby' that consists of changing config files until programs start to look decent), this lead me to becoming somewhat of a ui designer.
i also find programming interesting, though i am quite mediocre at it.
lastly, i make music when i have some free time -- my main genres being drain gang-like music or ambiant.

see you guys around :)



Hi, I'm Matilde. Creative technologist, hacker. I made video games in the past; I now work as a software developer.

Fascinated by experiments in technological narrativisation + play; p2p and the way it can change our lives — specifically reimagining how computers slot into our lives; software as bodies.

Blog and make music with friends every now and then.

See also:


# Hello fellow humans! I'm rainonwires, I like to code video games and make art in various forms. Pleased to meet anyone I can. :)


Bonjour, je suis nouvelle ici !

Je suis intéressée par la justice sociale, la philo, la musique électronique, le féminisme 😃 j'espère trouver ici quelques personnes avec qui discuter sur ces sujets !

N'hésitez pas à booster, je ne connais personne pour l'instant, c'est un peu intimidant.

Des bisous si vous voulez bien <3



Hello everyone! I'm a software developer and just got my # callsign a few days ago. I don't have any functional equipment yet but plan to play with a Hermes-Lite 2 and spiral loop antenna quickly built during the lockdown. An antenna lifting kite would certainly be another interesting thing to have fun with. Hope to meet you on air soon!



# Hey everyone! I juggle roles being a Postdoc at MISU (Stockholm University), research software developer, blogger and a person. Scientifically, I am trained in #, fresh out of PhD a few months ago. I study geophysical flows and turbulence.

I also maintain a:
- Personal alt: @ashwinvis
- Website:


TOOT! Hi, :mastoart:

today is another kind of #. So far I posted 250 toots here, and it's just a beginning. Thank you # for your interest, favs, boosts, and replies.

I'd like to stress that all of my # are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0. You can find more info at

I've just set up # account, so you can support my work in case you like it. It is at


# # # #



I was first licensed back in the 90s, but got busy with life and let my license lapse. A few years ago, I got interested again (seems common), so I got my license again and upgraded to general.

I bought my first HF rig this month, but it sits in a box until I get a chance to build an antenna. I'm planning on building a fan dipole for the attic.

Also interested in digital radio and all things Linux. I run nothing but Linux now for computers and phone. \m/


Hey everyone, I’m #. I’m interested in #, #, #, and #. I speak english and french!
Bonjour tout le monde, je suis #. He m'intéresse #, # et #. Je parle français et anglais



Time is 13:37, so let's make this # 🎉

This is the new dedicated account for the # project, easy # # and # # for all in a fully # and # friendly package!

Developed by @yarmo
Read more about the project here:

Let's make distributed identity happen! 😎

# #


Didn’t even know # was a thing!

I’m Wylel, a Linux lover, gamer, privacy oriented and FOSS fanboy! Enjoying the hell out of it here so far!


Hello all and thanks for approving my account @M0YNG

My interests are in amateur radio and technology in general. On the radio front I like to operate # and # on # and # and # on # / #. Also an aspiring # programmer.

I'm here for conversation with like minded individuals.



Hi, I joined you today
I'm an independent scientist and freelance developer from the region of Northern Germany / Working on Digitalization and Sustainability / Data Privacy / Accessibility / Open Source / #


Hello there! I'm a person on the internet! I'm also a student, daily user of Linux, excited to learn more, and explore the fediverse!


Hi Everyone,
I'm in IT Support studying for a BS and various certs. Interested in most things tech, with a special interest in privacy, security and OSINT.



# - Hello all, this is technically my first post. I stopped using the majority of Social Media Platforms a couple years ago. I use Minds sometimes, but still find it lacking. Mastodon in general looks promising. I'm a Unix Guy "Solaris Admin". Oracle Build Guy. IT Manager. Drupal Developer. Ex Smart Phone User "Thank you Alcatel". Canuck. Hockey Player and a Musician. #

I'm really looking forward to my time here. I'm liking what I'm seeing already.



Hello, Fosstodon!

I'm a hobbyist programmer and open-source enthusiast interested in situated, artisanal, and home-cooked software. I've prepared a bunch of inspiring links [1]that describe what does it mean for me.

My programming experience is mostly # on .NET platform (yay, it's open-source and cross-platform tech now), but I'm also fascinated by # and #.

I am glad to be among you!



Hey everyone, I’m #. I’m interested in #, #, #, #, #, and #.

The previous pod I was on had closed down many months ago ( and I'm only now getting set up again on Diaspora. I really missed the sense of community. These days I'm pretty busy during the day but when I have downtime in the evenings I like to play # Right now I'm still on Tropico 5 (yes I realize that 6 has been out for awhile now!)


Hello Mastodon!
Hello Fosstodon!
This is my first post, or toot here.
I will setup my profile later and discover more.



Hey there, my name is Kaya and I'm a software engineer. I'm interested in # # # and etc. I'm always open to learning. Just let me know if we can do something. AND I AM A WORLD OF WARCRAFT PLAYER. LOVE Y'ALL GUYS


Hey everyone, I’m #. I’m interested in #, # and #. I've been a programmer for 30 years. I prefer to spend my time in various musical composition activities. Here is an example composition:

SoundCloud: How Dragons Shave (Jayim)